Not Alright

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"All of us are suffering but we make ourselves believe

that we are alone and no one can understand us, while that maybe true for your immediate circle, just know that you are not alone in feeling this way. I always felt I was alone and most of the times i still do... but

It's alright to not be alright. "

                                                                                             - Acatalepsy

This is Acatalepsy's debut home studio album. It has elements of Pop-Rap, alternate Hip Hop and R&B. It takes you in a different world, with every single song you go deeper.


The entire album is structured on emotions. It shows the gradual progression to depression, and also brings you out to clarity by the end of it. It goes from Alright, which is the introduction to the feel and sense of the album, to Thinking About, which speaks about the modern situation-ship that most millennials are facing more and more commonly.

It Then goes to Losing Interest, which beautifully depicts the self doubt we all experience in a relationship which, when ends leads to the next song - Heartache, and if this doesn’t leave you in tears, Feel Alone will definitely take you to your deepest emotion and you’ll be flooded with thoughts.

From this point the album takes a positive route, to Collapse which shows the very next emotion from sadness and depression to anger. It speaks about not giving in to whomever or whatever, and fighting and shouting till you collapse. From this rage, it elegantly moves to Ordinary Love, which is the deepest song. You’ll understand something new/ different every time you hear it, which brings you to a state of clarity.


Then the final song, the icing on the cake - Memories, which is the most upbeat, danceable song, will surely make you groove, which speaks about how nothing matters, cause at the end of the day, these are just memories and it’s in the past. 
Not Alright has been released independently by Acatalepsy.



Thinking about


Losing Interest




feel alone




ordinary love



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