Not Alright Deluxe

Not Alright Deluxe.png

"All of us are suffering but we make ourselves believe

that we are alone and no one can understand us, while that maybe true for your immediate circle, just know that you are not alone in feeling this way. I always felt I was alone and most of the times i still do... but

It's alright to not be alright. "

                                                                                             - Acatalepsy

This is Acatalepsy's debut home studio album. It has elements of Pop-Rap, alternate Hip Hop and R&B. It takes you in a different world, with every single song you go deeper.


The entire album is structured on emotions. It shows the gradual progression to depression, and also brings you out to clarity by the end of it. 
Not Alright Deluxe has been released independently by Acatalepsy.

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